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Outcome: The time used in the workplace classroom will create a 200% ROI while in the classroom.


"Remarkable" Speaker:  Allan Hess

Moderator:  Fred Jewell

How might we build a solution that results in the stated outcome?

Is the stated outcome desirable? Attainable?

How can you help us achieve it? Or - is there a better outcome that you can suggest?

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This session will focus on the use of visual-based technology to improve, enhance and extend training efficiently and cost effectively.  The price of video equipment and content management tools is more affordable and the functionality of systems more robust than ever.  What technology and solutions are working....efficiently?

Today I read and attached the blog about the "30th anniversary in the L&D business" of Alfred Remmits - Alfred will be attending Georgia LEARNS 2016 and will be a panelist on Segment 5 - Training and Consulting ROI

I responded to Alfred with:

It was fun to read how you have experienced:

  1. Using classrooms to teach people how to use computers
  2. Using classrooms to teach people how to use software
  3. Using elearning (computers and software) to reduce the need for classrooms
  4. Using performance support systems to reduce the need for elearning
  5. Using a methodology to shift the emphasis to outcomes

So now that we have “arrived” at outcomes – perhaps we can help learning leaders to:

  1. Begin with outcomes
  2. Achieve outcomes by applying a methodology
  3. Support the methodology with performance support systems
  4. Build performance support systems using software
  5. Use software to build better classrooms


it was great to spend timey with you for this session. As we briefly discussed, Healthcare is in a state of major upheaval, and changes in accountability.  More ownership than in generations is being placed on the patient and the physician.  Keys to success, understand the problem you are solving for. Realize you will never have all the time and money you need, so prioritize.  be creative. Don't try to solve the problem the same way that has been done in the past. If it would have worked, you wouldn't still be trying to solve the problem.

Understand not only the problem, but the audience for the solution. Who are the stakeholders ?  Who is a detractor ?  Who can help ?  What does the tarxget audience need? And of course remember that technology is not the answer. You are dealing with people and all people learn differently and at different pace. What works for one group, may not work for another. Flexibility will be key.

Wish you guys all the best as you work to transform your organizations and how team members learn and absorb education.

I thought the attached visuals would be helpful.

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