Georgia LEARNS 2011

Conducted on October 20th, 2011 at Maggiano's at Cumberland Mall in Atlanta.

Georgia LEARNS invited 52 executives to lunch on the same day at the same place. These executives were:

  • CEO's of Technology Companies
  • CEO's of Training Companies
  • Chief Learning Officers
  • Executive Directors on Nonprofits
  • Private Investors
  • Academic Leaders
  • Industry Consultants

The event consisted of seven panel discussions (one related to each area of focus above) and each panelist was given three minutes to describe:

1. What their organization was doing that would help to improve the perception of Georgia related to learning

2. Why - what they were doing - was worthy or private investment

50 executives accepted the invitation and attended.

We met at 10:00 and adjourned at 3:00. Each attendee was given a handout with the name, title and organization of each participant. There was blank space after each name - to allow for writing down the phone number and email of the people that the executive wished to follow up with.

The event "worked." The room was electric - there was no selling, no buying, no job seeking, no hiring. Relationships were established that resulted in the creation of projects.

The Glenn Pelham Foundation for Debate Education provided for each attendee a video of a Debate on the topic related to the Kirkpatrick Model.

We promised to conduct Georgia LEARNS 2012.

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