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The Herrmann team has been sharing their insights with Georgia LEARNS over the last year and Ann was a panelist at Georgia LEARNS 2012 - at Shepherd Center. She was on the "Debate" panel and helped us explore the concept of Debate as a means of producing better thinking.

Here is a link to the Herrmann website -

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I am really looking forward to meeting everyone at Georgia learns this year! Curious to know from you what your greatest thinking challenges are today...where do you get stuck? Where are the greatest gaps?

One challenging factor that is becoming more prevalent is when do you trust your gut instincts over data; particularly social media that may be instantaneous input but not necessarily accurate or representative of the market conditions.

Great question! The brain is definitely subject to bias ans it is critical to know when and how that can impact the quality of our decisions. In addition, we tend to get easily satiated by instantaneous input. Great topics for the session I will lead at georgia learns!

With the speed of business and activity across segments, how do you create space for truly innovative thinking?  How can you become aware of your biases, habits and style, when most people today only have time to react?


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