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GLN TeachAbout - Integrative Debating - Glenn Meier, February 29, 2024, 3:00 - 3:45 PM Eastern USA

Started by Paul Terlemezian in GLN TeachAbouts Feb 11. 0 Replies

Earlier this year, Glenn responded to the Conscious Capitalism/Georgia LEARNS Pluralism event by sending an email via LinkedIn. His message included:"...the magic lies in an agreed upon process for making the conversation a "fair fight."  In my…Continue

GLN 2023 - TeachAbout - Purpose

Started by Paul Terlemezian in Georgia LEARNS 2023 Nov 26, 2023. 0 Replies

Is it possible or desirable to differentiate purpose from passion?Session Leader: Donald JenkinsThe format of this session will be:Five minutes of welcome and…Continue

GLN 2023 - Hidden About - Humble Inquiry - Scaling

Started by Paul Terlemezian in Georgia LEARNS 2023 Nov 25, 2023. 0 Replies

Is humble inquiry real or imagined?Is it desirable? If so - when? If not - why?Session Leader:…Continue

GLN 2023 - Open Forum Conversation - BYOT

Started by Paul Terlemezian in Georgia LEARNS 2023 Nov 25, 2023. 0 Replies

BYOT = Bring Your Own TopicThese sessions are offered to allow for open forum conversation and/or the opportunistic creation of breakout rooms to allow for self-directed conversations.Breakout rooms will be preset. Participants may:Choose an open…Continue

GLN 2023 - TeachAbout - Cheat Codes for Life

Started by Paul Terlemezian in Georgia LEARNS 2023 Nov 24, 2023. 0 Replies

The Surprisingly Simple Cheat Codes for Happiness, Creativity, and Human Performance.If you are human, there is something in this session for you.We live in a world of algorithms. Relatively simple pieces of logic and actions that govern everything.…Continue

GLN 2023 - Panel Discussion - Innovation

Started by Paul Terlemezian in Georgia LEARNS 2023. Last reply by Paul Terlemezian Nov 27, 2023. 2 Replies

What is the opposite of innovation? Might it be stagnation?How do we know something is an innovation?This session will be the traditional Georgia LEARNS Plus-BYOL-Plus format:First 15 minutes: The humorists will share their perspective on the topic…Continue

GLN 2023 - ExploringPossibilitiesAbout - Hardwiring

Started by Paul Terlemezian in Georgia LEARNS 2023 Nov 21, 2023. 0 Replies

Session Leader: Chuck RussellThe Session Format is the following:1. You will be asked to accept the premise that it is possible to know why you are failing to do…Continue

GLN 2023 - TeachAbout - Simulations 2024

Started by Paul Terlemezian in Georgia LEARNS 2023. Last reply by Paul Terlemezian Nov 30, 2023. 1 Reply

Session Leader: Eric BluesteinThe format of this session will be:1.Eric will explain what he wishes to learn about Simulations - and why.2.He will ask…Continue

GLN 2023 - CaseStudyAbout - Small Business Revival

Started by Paul Terlemezian in Georgia LEARNS 2023 Nov 21, 2023. 0 Replies

Session Leader: Neicey JohnsonCase Study: How to save a spiraling out-of-control small business.Seeking tips to assist with corporate operational…Continue

GLN 2023 - TeachAbout - 10x Leader

Started by Paul Terlemezian in Georgia LEARNS 2023 Nov 21, 2023. 0 Replies

***This event may be recorded.Leaders in our time must overcome barriers to create giant, impactful leaps, turnarounds in perspective, and paradoxical breakthroughs. We must focus on the people in the mission. Because when the right people are on…Continue

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What Are You Measuring?

Posted by Bill Crose on September 13, 2019 at 11:33am 1 Comment

A lifetime ago, my training department colleagues and I were satisfied with training data. We cranked out the requested ILT programs plus the "flavor of the year" content, we kept a busy training schedule, and made sure the coffee was always the right temperature. When accused of not delivering effective training because the learners didn't perform as they were trained, we took refuge in our management support role and not ultimately responsible or accountable for LEARNING or productivity.…



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GLN TeachAbout - Homelessness - Tracy Woodard, 15 February 2023, noon to 12:45 PM

Please join our TeachAbout led by Tracy Woodard, Classic Violinist, Homeless Advocate

Here is the link to the event:

Topic: GLN TeachAbout - Homelessness - Tracy Woodard
Time: Feb 15, 2023 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 820 4095 1420
Passcode: 626514
One tap mobile
+16468769923,,82040951420#,,,,*626514# US (New York)
+16469313860,,82040951420#,,,,*626514# US

Here is the format of the event:

Expert: Tracy Woodard

Four - 10 Minute Segments

  1. Facilitated conversation amongst LEARNERS (panelists) on the topic
    1. in the presence of an expert
    2. who is muted and off-camera
  2. Expert presentation
  3. Facilitated conversation amongst LEARNERS on the Presentation
    1. agree on questions to ask the expert
    2. who is again muted and off-camera
  4. Facilitated conversation including the expert
    1. who may or may not choose to answer the questions
    2. who may pose questions of their own!

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To prepare for this session I asked ChatGPT:

What are the most common misconceptions about homelessness

There are several common misconceptions about homelessness that persist in society, despite being unsupported by evidence. Here are some of the most prevalent misconceptions:

  1. Homeless people are lazy and don't want to work: Many people believe that homeless individuals are unemployed by choice and don't want to work. In reality, however, the majority of homeless people have jobs but their income is not enough to cover their basic needs, such as housing and food.

  2. Homeless people are drug addicts or mentally ill: This stereotype perpetuates the idea that homelessness is caused by individual failings, such as drug addiction or mental illness. While some homeless people may have substance abuse issues or mental health challenges, these problems are often a result of homelessness, not the cause.

  3. Homelessness is a problem limited to big cities: Homelessness is often thought to be a problem that only affects urban areas, but it is a widespread issue that affects rural communities as well. In fact, rural homelessness can be even more difficult to address due to the lack of resources and support systems available in these areas.

  4. Providing housing and assistance to homeless people will just attract more homeless people: Some people believe that providing assistance to homeless individuals will only attract more homeless people to the area. However, there is no evidence to support this claim. In fact, providing affordable housing and support services can help reduce homelessness and improve the lives of those who are experiencing it.

It's important to challenge these misconceptions and promote a more accurate and empathetic understanding of homelessness.

Tracy, thank you for an excellent TeachAbout today. I learned a lot an am eager for the conversation to continue. Thank you also to Alice and Brent for your participation.

Here is a link to a site I found with statistics on world-wide homelessness -

Here is the link to the City of Refuge website -

With appreciation,



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