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What Are You Measuring?

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A lifetime ago, my training department colleagues and I were satisfied with training data. We cranked out the requested ILT programs plus the "flavor of the year" content, we kept a busy training schedule, and made sure the coffee was always the right temperature. When accused of not delivering effective training because the learners didn't perform as they were trained, we took refuge in our management support role and not ultimately responsible or accountable for LEARNING or productivity.…



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2015 Serendipitous Segment 17 - Noor Shabib - Eisenhower Fellow

(edits were made by Paul Terlemezian on October 9th, 2015 as a result of an email  received from Noor with some corrections to the original posting)

Noor Shabib is an Eisenhower Fellow who will be visiting Atlanta. She is currently scheduled to arrive on the evening of October 13 and will be participating in Georgia LEARNS on October 14 and parts of October 15th.


Noor is a trained petroleum engineer who works at Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia. She went to business school in the UK and is fluent in English.


She has co-founded a self directed group within her company (and with their support) to help with raising awareness on gender differences in the work place.


During her fellowship, she is considering whether an app could be created to help educate people about gender differences and workplace culture. She envisions the app will provide both educational resources as well as a place to encourage dialogue in a safe environment.


She is using her fellowship to meet with both experts on gender issues to gather the substance for her app as well as with technology experts to discuss options for using technology in the most effective way.


I am attaching her bio to give you a better sense of her background. Additional information about our organization is available at


The introduction to our Georgia LEARNS community was provided by:


Ms. Leigh Cohen |  Chief Program Officer, International Programs - Eisenhower Fellowships

250 South 16th Street | Philadelphia, PA 19102

T: (215) 965-1965 | e-mail:

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I describe this as Serendipitous Segment 17 because I have been "promoting" Georgia LEARNS as 16 Segments until two weeks ago - when through "serendipity" I was contacted by Leigh with the Eisenhower Foundation.

As a result we have a wonderful opportunity to learn with and from Noor - I hope you will participate.

Over the last few weeks I have exchanged emails with Noor and have asked her to participate in Georgia LEARNS 2016 via Skype. She is checking her schedule and also made me aware of an article that she wrote about women in Saudi Arabia. Here is the article -


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