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The concept that inspired the creation of Georgia LEARNSsm was conceived very early in 2009 and was motivated by the "escalator video."

Since being incorporated in 2014 as Georgia LEARNS Now,  LLC we have focused on accelerating the ability of other organizations to solve business and social problems in a self-sufficient manner. With the outcomes experienced from the Crowd-Design Process in Georgia LEARNS 2016 we will now also operate as a revenue generating channel for innovations that embrace the Accountable Learning Organization model. Our "mindset" has been challenged by others and ourselves - we remain committed to an open platform while also proving the benefits of this openness by generating profits. These profits while enable Georgia LEARNS to be self-sufficient and generate value for all others that participate - including the nonprofits we identify each year.

This acceleration is created by helping these organizations to focus on the following aspects of their work:

  1. The creation of projects
  2. The reproducible results of these projects as experienced by the clients of these organizations
  3. The intentional use of technology to leverage the results of these projects
  4. The intentional and strategic collaboration with other business entities by the organization to enable the above three aspects for their mutual clients.
  5. The generation of profits so that we may be self-sufficient in defining our projects and contribute to the nonprofits that we identify each year.

Georgia LEARNS Now,  LLC is supported by iFive Alliances, LLC.

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