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Once again from the Foreword - "I often feel that I write in order to understand what I am thinking."

I also feel this way and I feel this way about speaking aloud to others.

Lately, I have been overly conscious of talking too much and providing long answers to short questions. This is selfish on my part since I am indulging on others so that I can accelerate my learning by "talking aloud."

Writing is becoming an outlet for me to accomplish the same effect - and I have also learned that it has other effects too. The spoken word once uttered is subject to be forgotten or misunderstood. The written word - while still likely to be misunderstood - has the potential for a longer life (thank you Internet and Ning.)

It is interesting and educational to read what one has written - many months and years after it was written and learn from oneself - perhaps over and over.

What we choose to write about matters - what we choose to learn about matters - what we choose to share with others matters. The analytic part of me (an important part of my self-image) wonders if perhaps we only write, learn and share perhaps a very small percent of what matters to us. And yet what we write may be all that remains of us when we are gone. So if our life matters (which I believe we all wish it to) then certainly we need to understand why what matters to us matters.

Does this resemble putting two mirrors face-to-face and peeking into infinity?

What we place in front of the mirrors - matters.

Learning matters!

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