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I often lament that no one is interested in good news.

A common expression I have heard used in business meetings is that "Good news can wait - tell me the bad news first."

The problem of course is that there is always enough bad news going on somewhere and to someone so that if we wait for the bad news to end then we will never have time for the good news. Of course bad news "matters" - especially to the people who are involved or might wish to prevent similar bad news in the future. Does this focus on bad news create a misconception or reality? Are we focused on reducing the amount of bad news or focused on how to profit from bad news? What would the insurance, burglar alarm or internet security business do if injury, crime and hacking were dramatically reduced?

So good news matters too - might we learn how to avoid bad things by learning from people who have managed to do good. Would the feelings or relief that we experience by not being the victims of the bad news be replaced by feelings of jealousy towards the person expressing good news - especially if it were too good?

And I wonder if we are really interested in quality. Quality has a price after all - and no one has an unlimited budget. Would better quality reduce the amount of bad news?

  • Would better quality education provide better employment opportunities?
  • Would better employment opportunities provide better opportunity for enjoyable lives?
  • Would better lives reduce the amount of crime?
  • Would less crime result in less bad news?
  • Not to worry - there will always be bad weather and bad sports results - stay tuned for news at 11:00!

Learning Matters

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