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Table of Contents

Would you buy a book that did not list its table of contents?

Would you attend a course that did not describe a specific set of expected outcomes.

When do need to define the learning ahead of time and when do we need to let the situation determine the learning that is needed.

On Saturday, May 20, 2017 I was the Day Manager for ATD ICE in Atlanta. I was taught how to use the walkie talkie for the first time by someone who knew it very well. He demonstrated how it operated and then handed it to me. About 20 minutes later I was made aware that there were 5 volunteers waiting for me to teach them how to use their Walkie-Talkie. I had been a poor student and did not know that I was going to be required to teach others.

So - I announced to the 5 (who were professional trainers) that we were about to have a new learning experience. I admitted to having 17 minutes of experience using the Walkie-Talkie and that I had not really paid attention during the training that I had just received. "Let's learn about this together" was my next statement. We had great fun - teaching each other - learned new functions that had not been taught by me and performed very well with the devices throughout the day.

While I would not recommend this for neuro-surgery or rocket science this method was actually ideal for the situation I was in. What do you think?

Learning Matters!

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