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I recently received this book as a gift from Melissa Wade and will use this discussion group to help me understand and assimilate the contents.

There will be a new discussion for each chapter with the intent to facilitate dialog.

  • Who am I: Please introduce yourself and describe why you are interested in this group
  • Foreword: John Sexton
  • Preface: Melissa Maxcy Wade
  • Introduction: A Tool for Educating Minds and Hearts
  • Chapter 1: Take No Prisoners: The Role of Debate in a Liberatory Education
  • Chapter 2: Resolved; Debate Disrupts the School-to-Prison Pipeline
  • Chapter 3: Evaluating Contradictory Evidence
  • Chapter 4: Making Words Matter:Critical Literacy, Debate, and a Pedagogy of Dialogue
  • Chapter 5: Discerning the Value of Information in the Digital Age
  • Chapter 6: Engendering Academic Success: Debate as a School Engagement Strategy
  • Chapter 7: Using Debate to Improve Scientific Reasoning
  • Chapter 8: Critical Thinking through Debate: Skills, Dispositions, and Teaching Strategies
  • Chapter 9: Using Debate to Develop Perspective Taking and Social Skills
  • Chapter 10: Creating Hospitable Communities: Remembering the Emanuel 9 as We Foster a Culture of Humility and Debate
  • Appendices

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