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What Are You Measuring?

Posted by Bill Crose on September 13, 2019 at 11:33am 1 Comment

A lifetime ago, my training department colleagues and I were satisfied with training data. We cranked out the requested ILT programs plus the "flavor of the year" content, we kept a busy training schedule, and made sure the coffee was always the right temperature. When accused of not delivering effective training because the learners didn't perform as they were trained, we took refuge in our management support role and not ultimately responsible or accountable for LEARNING or productivity.…



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GLN TeachAbout - Content that Connects - Andrew Dietz - February 11, 2022


Expert: Andrew Dietz

Topic: GLN TeachAbout - Content that Connects - Andrew Dietz
Time: Feb 11, 2022 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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What is Content that Connects?  It's the opposite of pushing for immediate deal closure before opening a relationship.  By content, I mean any idea, inquiry, information, introduction or income-generating lead that helps a client, prospect, colleague or ally personally or professionally - whether or not they're ready to buy from you right now.  It is NOT "performance marketing" instant-seller-gratification fodder - which may be more accurately called a sales pitch or, often, click-bait.  It is of genuine value to the other person without the explicit threat of an immediate switch to "sign on the dotted line" pressure.  It's not for everyone.  Content that connects is useful for those of us who need to cultivate relationships over time - to build real trust - before someone (or a group of someone's) is ready to step forward and select us or our offerings.  Can you think of a time when you were provided or you engaged with "content" like that?  I've got many examples but curious for your experience.  Have you ever successfully created and delivered this kind of value-added content?  I would love to hear about how that worked for you.  

How and when do you know if content "connects?" Might the same content disconnect some while connecting others? Is this inevitable?

It "connects" if the recipient's goals are advanced in some way - and they are willing to continue or even deepen dialogue with you.  Connecting with content means one-size-fits none - even if you are distributing a white paper or an article or podcast, it means teeing that content up for each recipient with a personalized note which puts the content into context for them.  This is not massively scalable.  There's a place perhaps for non-personalized, mass distributed material but that's more about sustaining general visibility.  If you really want to move a relationship forward, mass blasts of stuff ain't the ticket.  

Thank you - I like the "one-size-fits-none" perspective!

I heard it said that if content is king then context is the queen. If so - what is the role of the consumer of the content?

  • Pauper
  • Prince
  • Jester
  • Wizard
  • Other?

To the pauper as consumer: "Let them eat cake"

To the prince or princess as consumer: "Yes, you will become smarter, but not as smart as the king or queen!"

To the jester as consumer: "There are no dumb questions, yet if you probe too deeply - off with your head!"

To the wizard as consumer: "I see that you are successful but since I have no idea how you did that - I must control your wizardry!"

To the other as co-creator: "if you are to be a co-creator then what are the limits of learning?"

Andrew has provided the slides that he used for his 10-minute presentation and I have attached them to this comment.


He has also sent me a deeper presentation of the same concepts. Please reply to this comment if you would like to get a copy of this presentation.


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